Product Line Comparison

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3+ year lowest cost reusable/disposable 7+ year reusable (we'll guarantee it!)
 Print/Save to PDF BasicPRO ValuePRO PremiumPRO PlatimumPRO
From $1.50 blank
$2.00 /each
(Single-Sided Printing
Numbers or Graphics)
From $1.95 blank
$2.55 /each
(Single-Sided Printing
(Numbers or Graphics)
From $3.75 blank
$4.30 /each
(Single-Sided Printing
Numbers or Graphics)
From $7.80 blank
$9.00 /each
(Single-Sided Printing
Numbers or Graphics)
Plastic Material
*(3mm= about 1/8")
2mm Cartonplast*
(our exclusive material)
3.5mm Cartonplast*
(our exclusive material)
Sintra (brand) PVC*
Injection-Molded Polypropylene*
Fill-in Missing Paddles? Yes; just need a single-column Excel file with just the missing numbers;   Request fill-in estimate here
Cost to Fill-in paddles? Setup of $35 per 50 paddle numbers (max charge of 3 setups); Price per paddle same or lower than original order (CUMULATIVE pricing!)
Paddle shapes available All Shapes All Shapes All Shapes 2 Ovals, 1 Square
Plastic Colors (see pdf) White White Colors White B/W White/Colors (shape dependent)
Print Full Color Background? Yes, with bleeds Yes, with bleeds Yes, with bleeds Yes, but no bleeds
Printing Method Direct to plastic; High Resolution Full Color Digital (CMYKW process) Printing; up to 8' x 10'; Durable UV-inks; True Flatbed Printer
Ability to print WHITE ink Not Applicable (N/A) Not Applicable (N/A) Yes (N/A) Yes Yes
Purchase just paddle blanks Yes
Purchase just sponsor labels Yes, any size, shape label; with REMOVABLE adhesive (save your paddle!)
Variable Data Printing (labels)
Yes, for patron names/table# etc.; any size, font, shape label; with REMOVABLE adhesive (important!)
Specific Paddle Numbers Yes, contiguous or non-contiguous; NO additional charge
Color of Numbers ANY PMS color [also, number fill and number border can be different colors too!]; NO additional charge
Leading zeros? Yes; NO additional charge
4-digit numbering Yes; NO additional charge
Different Font for Numbers? Yes, $50 on the order for new layouts; font cost additional unless you provide it or it's found free online
Minimum Order Quantity? Generally NO; About $75 is our lower limit, but we may have extras around that could work for you too so just contact us
Can we get paddle samples? Yes, all samples are FREE;   Request a sample pack here
New, or Small NPOs    
Public Schools/Parent donated
Private Schools
Associations, Foundations
Voting & Feedback
Auction Houses/Art Galleries
Jury Selection  
Movies, TV, Print Photography  
One-time, One-off Events
1+ Events Annually
Themes that change yearly
Themes that don't change  
No to Lower Reusability
Many uses/lower cost
Regular Use
One-time Events
Outdoor Use/Wet Conditions  
Outdoor Use/Cold Conditions
Plastic Material Extruded Polypropylene Extruded Polypropylene Closed-cell foamed PVC High-Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
Brand(s) Cartonplast (our) Cartonplast (our) Sintra, Komatex, Celtec N/A
Gauge (in millimeters) 2 mm 3.5 mm 3 mm 4 mm 6 mm 3mm/4.2mm shape dependent
Relate thickness to: a nickel nickel + quarter stacked <~1/8<~3/16<~1/4
Plastic Structure:  
Density (grams/sq. meter) 650g/m2 1350g/m2 2295g/m2 3042g/m2 4590g/m2 3146g/m24394g/m2
Finish Matte Matte Satin Satin
Recycling Code

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