How fast can we ship?

Regardless of what you need we can always produce your order right away if need be.  Heck, we've taken custom orders at 5:00pm on a Friday and gotten them there first thing Monday AM.  Even for an event the next day on Saturday!  Ah, the joys of being self-employed. We also work most Saturdays.  :)

We don't like paying rush charges just as much as you.  That's why we don't go crazy with them.  We think our charges are reasonable and fair for moving you up in our production que and we charge considerably less than industry standards.  On all of our products standard production time is 2.5 weeks [during our busy season of Feb-May and Aug-Oct] and 2 weeks for pretty much the rest of the year, and very flexible when we need to be.  We'll be implementing a new calculator online that will provide for date-specific production and delivery (end of 2023) along with a major revamping of the website and new e-commerce platform. This promises to bring a much better experience for you.  For rush orders, use the following as a general guideline:

We have 5 levels of rush services:

9-11 production days :  10% rush charge*

If you don't have quite 2 weeks to allow us to produce your paddles, this rush charge may be applicable.

5-8 production days:  15% rush charge*

If you can only give us about a week to allow us to produce your paddles, this rush charge may be applicable.

2-4 production days:  25% of the order typically*

24-48 hour production :  35% of the order typically* although we have been known to cap this at a lower rate for larger orders and repeat customers.

SAME DAY production:  45% of the order typically* although we will also cap this at a lower rate for larger orders and repeat customers.  Our cutoff is typically by 2:00pm CDT though even if it's a bit later, call and see how were doing.

We'll always get the order done.  It will just cost you a bit more for us to drop everything we're doing; a novel concept I know.  But have no worries.  We're paddle professionals.

*For smaller orders, rush charges will be fixed dollar amount, and not based on percentages.

Don't forget to factor in shipping times as well.  We ship just about every day (even Saturdays) and we use exclusively FedEx, using all Ground and Express options available from them.  If you have any questions just pick up the phone and give us a call.  We'll make it work.  866-667-2335

Better Bidders loves FedEx!

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