Here at Better Bidders, we make plastic, 1-piece, auction paddles and hand fans. It's ALL we do.

It IS all we do. We're the only one anywhere in the world that JUST produces paddles. And, having done ONE thing for 18 years, we're very good at it. If you need a paddle, we have a great solution for you. In order to purchase paddles from us, be they just basic, or your own new shape fully customized, you're going to need to know a couple of things in order for you to find the proper paddle from us for your needs:

    1. The quantity (for a live auction typically 1 per couple)
    2. Which model/ material (less reusable to super permanent) (<--see summary and print .pdf product comparisons)
    3. Which paddle shape (we have 280 of them, being added daily)
    4. What you want printed on either side (B/W or full color is all the same)

    On each product (paddle shape) page you will choose your plastic, your printing option(s) (or choose just blanks), and how quickly you need them.  And, of course, the quantity needed.  There is no order too big or too small, or too 'complex'.  We've done it all, and again, it's ALL we do.

    We can print ANYTHING to our plastics.  Direct to our plastics.  Logos, graphics, photos, numbers, no numbers, bleed, fills, colored numbers with different stroke color, different fonts for numbers... the list goes on.  And there is very little that changes the price per paddle.  The level of reusability you desire, and therefore the appropriate plastic material to use drives most of the price differences.  That, and if you want 2-sided printing rather than 1-sided.

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