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Another shape worth considering for your Hollywood themed special benefit auction might be our Old Time Movie Camera shape auction paddle. Taking you back to the days of reel-to-reel "motion pictures";  analog was all there was.  This is one of our favorite shapes.  With 2.75" high numbers, this paddle is...
$1.50 $1.85
Our brass horn shape most resembles a flugelhorn. On this paddle shape there is NO additional handle; hold it up with the horn's natural handle grip. It has 3.0" high numbers and realistic details for both the 3 valves, and the horn flare, as well as a cutout of the...
$1.50 $1.85
Roll out the red carpet and take your event back to the days of the silver screen when Hollywood wasn't so nuts!  Our Old Time Movie Film Reel shaped auction paddles may be just the right paddle shape for your movie, Hollywood, or film-themed special event.  Numbers measure 3.0" high...
$1.50 $1.85
For your music themed events we have a number of shapes we hope you'll find of interest.  A paddle in the shape of a "16th" note comes complete with stems to the right of the notehead and properly stemmed!  Not a lot of room to add text or graphics, but...

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