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We all love our Cats and Dogs and can't help but smile when we think of them. Make your live auction patrons smile at YOUR event with our unique Cat and Dog paddle shapes.  More fun and higher bids is what it's all about!

$1.50 $1.85
Our Paw Print shaped paddle is one of our most popular shapes, and is usually printed 2-sided.  There is room for a logo below the number and we also let you choose the color of the paw pad on the backside to match your colors if you like, no extra...
$1.50 $1.85
We can't forget our Dog lovers!  Always a favorite with animal shelters, associations, and humane societies alike.  3.25" high numbers, with most customers choosing to put logos on the backside.  Makes a person smile that's for sure.  Our dog's name is Piper, and she is a white lab.  BEST. Dog....
$1.50 $1.85
Our Bear Paw Pad shaped auction paddle can be ordered in several configurations.  The numbers with the paw print together on the same side is the same price as just a single-sided print (eg.  BasicPRO = $2.00).  You also can choose your paw pad color to be anything you like. ...
$1.50 $1.85
For all of you cat lovers, here is one of our "smaller" Cat shapes (compared to our Tiger, Panther etc. shapes);  A Sitting Cat Shaped paddle.  Great for animal shelters, humane societies, and YOUR cat-specific organization.  See our other Cat 'Head' shape for another possible idea.  3.0" high numbers in...

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