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$1.50 $1.85
How about your basic Circle-shaped paddle?  One of our several simple circle-shaped paddles. Price out the best options for your reusable plastic auction paddles here at Better Bidders.  Select your material (1 of 5) and your printing options (or just blank paddles) and turnaround time! Here you can purchase the...
$1.50 $1.85
How about your basic Circle-shaped paddle but a bit bigger than the others we have?  This is another one of several simple circle-shaped paddles we offer.  This 8.5" circle is a bit larger than others and will allow for larger graphics, as well as more visibility with it's larger 3.25"...
$1.50 $1.85
Christies is another famous auction house with a long, rich history like Sotheby's.  This is their unique circle auction paddle design.  Smaller than most others, it has the distinctive "tear-drop" elegant design.  We have 2.8" high number standard on this paddle shape. Price out the best options for your reusable...
$1.50 $1.85
At the request of a customer (see, you just have to ask!) we created this Circle-Christies look. It has the same width of our 8" circle but also then has the tapering "tear drop" of the sides similar to Christies. We put numbers that are 3.125" on it.  Of course,...

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