We replace your missing paddles. Huh? You guys DO that?

Yes we do.

We are the ONLY company ready, willing, and able to fill in your paddle sets to brand new, original sequencing (or even extend your numbering by a just a few paddles).  It is a normal occurrence with live auctions to have some paddles go missing by the end of the event.  Inevitably some auction paddles just don't make their way back.  :(s  Most organizations that don't use Better Bidders for their paddles are left with pretty much these choices when getting ready for their next auction:

  1. Throw out the remaining crappy "stick-with-paper-top" fans they purchased for a buck each knowing their vendor online only sells in groups of 100 fans.  And that's it.  You buy another 100 paddle number range when all you need was 20 paddles in that range.
  2. Go back to Michael's Supply and purchase the same raw materials you did last time you did this.  Making your paddles (if you've ever done it) is a nightmare, time-consuming and messy. You spend your valuable time and money making that same stick/paper top fan that looks like a 3rd grader made it.  Not impressive to anyone.  Especially the patrons at your event that feel silly holding them up.  That is, if they stay in one piece!
  3. Remake your missing paddles (step 2) and have them be different than the ones you already have whose life you've tried to extend by cleaning, wiping, repairing, and so on.  A mixed hodgepodge at best.

Regardless, you are either wasting money year-after-year and/or you're putting on a very unprofessional looking auction, both needlessly.

When you use Better Bidders, you look like you know what you're doing, even if you don't feel that way!

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