QR code payment processing, campaign management, reporting, and analytics for both financial and non-financial data metrics

(SaaS mobile web application development platform, code generator, PCI-DSS merchant processing payment gateway, merchant account provider, web payment solutions, QRMS)

Come see what we're working on. I think you'll like what you see.

CompleteQR. The first mobile-web payment processing application based entirely on QR codes. Integrated with our custom PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway connecting to nearly all major processing platforms, we've built a flexible gateway with the latest in web standards,that lets you choose the merchant account provider of YOUR choice. Don't feel trapped paying high discount rates and per transaction fees just because you feel you don't have a choice in moving. For the first time, we've given you a choice. We make it simple, and you don't even need to talk to anyone- do it all online at completeqr.com

CompleteQR is not only a payment gateway but we've also developed the first mobile application-builder and QR-code credit card processing SaaS (Software As A Service) platform. That's a fancy way of saying that we've made it easy for YOU to create a mobile web application designed to YOUR needs with an easy-to-use, quick to setup wizard that puts you in charge of the type of data you want to collect with valuable features you want to have available to users and valuable insight into the customers that scan your codes.

Engage your mobile customers- and make new ones

Our new platform gives you the tools you need to easily extend your marketing campaigns and fundraising events into the mobile realm. Your customers are mobile, so should you be. Our CompleteQR QRBuilderTM Platform has been designed to provide your mobile users the ability to fund, donate, and financially support your cause by giving through their mobile smartphone. While there is great power in mobile itself, and while mobile will naturally afford you more 'touches' with your constituents, there is so much more that these QR codes have to give. And there is no other technology, hardware, scanner, device, or application available today that can efficiently and effectively engage and reach more people. UTILITY is the primary driving feature of these codes and the cost to create, run, manage, monitor, and analyze the results of your fundraising campaigns couldn't be any lower. Without complex software, implementations, added staff or heavy budgets, you now have the power to bring a simple to use technology into your organization and the added benefit of being able to easily use it.

Some of the powerful mobile web page features available include:

  • Credit/Debit card payment processing (impromptu and recurring setup)
  • Feedback forms
  • Survey forms
  • Merchant, Sponsor, and Customer coupons
  • Facebook/Twitter/Social media links

YOU are in control

We include everything you need to effectively execute and monitor smarter and richer experiences for the people you serve. As the creator of what your users experience, we give you a powerful, easy-to-use, "screen" builder panel to create your own mobile pages; you can even use our preformatted templates as a guide. Regardless, we've made it easy so that anyone can implement their own 'mobile app'. Our CompleteQR QRBuilderTM creates the the rich 'call to action' experience that the QR code, once scanned, is meant to provide with those you you wish to reach and engage. From this builder you:

  • Generate your QR codes ('payment processing'-type or non)
  • Create the web content to display and direct the QR code to display the content you wish to appear
  • Identify the metrics you wish to track and use for charting, analysis, and reporting (including financial transactions if you are processing sales and donations)
  • Create and assign multiple users to administer their own codes and campaigns and give them their own login to see their own metrics.
  • Allow robust reporting and analytics across multi-tiered organizations thru admin-controlled security rights
  • And much more....

ALL data collected (both financial and non-financial) at the time data is submitted (by the user of the mobile device) becomes instantly available in our reporting and analytics dashboard. Our robust reports, charts, and graphs will give you incredible insight into your customers and constituents like you've seen before.

Use our system for:

  • Marketing and promotional campaigns
  • New products introductions
  • Secure payment processing (with or without a merchant account)
  • Field testing
  • Driving mobile-commerce and mobile-giving
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Promotional offers and Sweepstakes
  • Conducting real-time event feedback and surveys
  • Educating buyers & expanding constituency donor lists
  • A mobile-engagement platform using social networking hooks
  • Effortless Code Generation and Management
  • Mobile web sites

Our Codes Drive Revenue and Action

By leveraging a QR code's natural ability, through the power of social media channels, to reach out and engage with others, we make it easier for you to inspire action and become more social with your consumers- and that builds customer loyalty and extends your footprint on the web. Whether you're a corporation, an NPO, a small business, or an individual, see how you can, with CompleteQR, take mobile payments securely through a simple QR code and create endless mobile experiences, easily and affordably.