"Regular feedback from our customers consistently shows that their live-auction patrons bid higher and more often when they use our paddles, resulting in higher event revenues... "

--John Murphy
Better Bidders Inc.


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Finally! Someone has come up with auction paddles that fit the professional nature of live auctions!

We are Better Bidders™, and we've created live-auction products that bring life and fun to auctions. Paddles improve your auctions' efficiency and bottom-line at the same time they differentiate you and your event. Why are more than 50% of our customers annual repeat buyers? Because our paddles make them money at their auction. It's that simple.

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To request a FREE sample pack of our paddle and bid card products please complete the form below. We will try to send your package out via FedEx ground within 7 business days. If you need a sample pack quicker than that please call John at 866-66-PADDLES and we will do our best to accomodate your request. Please allow 2-4 days shipping time from Milwaukee, WI.

Note: If your event is 2 weeks out from today (or less), please call us (866-667-2335) rather than using this form. We want to be sure you can receive our sample pack with enough time to receive your paddles. Typically we turn orders around in about 10 working days under a normal production schedule. If your event is more than 2-3 weeks from today, we have 'plenty of time' to produce your order. If you have any doubts, just call!

    What the sample pack will contain*:
  • 1 Small oval shape 4mm thick "permanent" high-impact polystyrene paddle (reusable)- white
  • 1 Small oval shape 3mm thick Sintra PVC paddle (reusable)- white
  • 1 Small oval shape 3.5mm thick Cartonplast corrugated plastic paddle (disposable)- white
  • 1 Small oval shape 2mm thick Cartonplast corrugated plastic paddle (disposable)- white
  • 1-2 styles of paper bid cards
  • 5-7 samples of logo/graphic vinyl labels on (usually) matte vinyl with removable adhesive.
  • 1 Auction paddle pricing sheet
  • 1 Auction paddle shape library printout showing currently available paddle shapes.
  • 1 "How to make live auctions better" insert outlining our product offering and methodology.
  • 1 vinyl "Mini-banner"; High resolution digitally-printed banner graphic printed on vinyl scrim banner material, including grommets. Printed using our Roland VersaCAMM (720 x 720 dpi) 54" wide digital inkjet printer. (Optional-please specify below in comment section)
  • 1 10 "x12" digitally-printed sample graphic directly printed to 3mm thick Sintra PVC plastic. (Optional-please specify below in comment section)
  • 1 sample polyester fabric banner graphic used in conjuction with floor-standing vertical banner stands (Optional-please specify below in comment section)

*We may also, at our discretion, send out a more limited package containing sample paddles made from our 4 primary plastics we manufacture and use for our products.

If you feel you would like to see a particular shaped paddle, color, material, number color, or the like, please indicate that in the space below. Again, we will do our best to accomodate your request. All we ask is that you fill in the form below completely. These sample packs are yours to keep. Since it costs us about $20 for each sample pack send we would ask that you please keep them for future reference and/or give them to other organizations you know conducting live auctions. Thank you!!

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Paper Bid Cards
Bid Card Handles
Auction Paddle rentals
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Do you think you will have sponsors for your event?

Did you know 70% of our customer's sell sponsorship space on the backside of their paddles? We make digitally-printed graphics on removable vinyl labels- which means each year you have a new opportunity to raise money from sponsorships!
Do you typically have needs for signage at your event?

Approximately how much do you anticipate raising at your event?

Please add any notes, comments or questions here:

*** All information provided is kept strictly confidential and is used solely for internal marketing analysis and product devlopment.

We DO NOT, in any way, sell, rent, or otherwise distribute our customer information to ANYONE.

An email confirming your request will be sent shortly to the email address above. If you do NOT receive this confirmation email within the next 24 hours,

or have other reasons to think the request wasn't submitted properly, please email John Murphy at john@betterbidders.com to confirm receipt.

Better Bidders… Paddles people remember.

If you are a distributor or ASI member interested in having all of our shapes on-hand a package is available for $50 + shipping.

Sorry but we no longer are accepting AMEX- we will not support bailouts!!!

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