"Regular feedback from our customers consistently shows that their live-auction patrons bid higher and more often when they use our paddles, resulting in higher event revenues... "

--John Murphy
Better Bidders, Inc.


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Finally! Someone has come up with auction paddles that fit the professional nature of live auctions!

We are Better Bidders™, and we've created live-auction products that bring life and fun to auctions. Paddles improve your auctions' efficiency and bottom-line at the same time they differentiate you and your event. Why are more than 50% of our customers annual repeat buyers? Because our paddles make them MORE money at their auction. It's that simple.

Better Bidders- More fun. Higher Bids.
*** NEW SIMPLIFIED Pricing effective 9-11-2016 ***


We have extended our simplified trial pricing from September and are continuing something new that we've never done before. We are completely changing our pricing to make it easier for our customers (and us, frankly!) to get the paddle they want at an incredible value. We are both lowering and simplifying our pricing. For right now you can get:

ANY shape paddle. ANY quantity, with ANY color-digitally-printed numbers

Just $2.00 per paddle (1-sided printing) or

$2.75 for 2-sided printing*.

This special (lower) pricing is for our proprietary 2mm (thick) Cartonplast reusable plastic. We've designed this plastic to be made specifically into 1-piece reusable paddles and is our lowest price point option. Check out our unique paddle designs listed, and have us email you the shape, if it's not in the Paddle Shapes Library file.

*This special pricing offer is for new customers only (existing customers typically pay a bit less because of our 'cumulative' quantity pricing) and requires a minimum purchase of about 100 paddles (depends a bit on the shape); quantities above 500 are less than $2.00. Call us at 866-667-2335 before time runs out on this trial pricing.

BTW, we apologize for this crappy website. If you would like to see where we're at with our new Shopify site (in development) check it out here


Should have the guts of it (navigation, shapes, pictures) up by end of March 2017.


We produce basic and custom, 1-piece plastic paddles for all sorts of occassions and uses. Using our state-of-the-art printing and cutting equipment, we design, print, and cut plastic paddles, hand signs, event signage, custom standees and more- with full color graphics printing that is done directly to the plastics we make and offer. Just want something simple?-- not a problem. We make and sell basic 1-sided numbered paddles as well as blank paddles, and in all shapes. And from as few as just 1 paddle.

If you are looking for auction paddles for your live auction event, paddle raise, voting or feedback forum, craft, or whatever the usage,

We've designed auction paddles for just about every live auction event you can imagine. Whether you want just a standard 'oval' style paddle or you would like us to make a particular shape paddle from your own logo or design, we do it, and we do it quickly. Not only do we do it better than anyone else around, since its ALL we do, we do it cheaper than anyone, and that's a guaranty. Just ask any of our nearly 3,000 customers.

The outer dimensions of most of our "basic" paddle shapes are approximately 12" high (including a 3.0"- 5" handle built-in) by 9" wide. Our custom and 'fun-shaped' paddles measure slightly larger at approximately 12" high by 10" wide, depending on the shape. Please click the link just below or to the left margin to see many of our paddle shapes. If the shape isn't in the linked file please email us to see the shape. Some of the paddle shapes most-recently added include:

  • Flying checkered flag- 2017
  • Running Sneaker- 2017
  • Hair Dryer- 2017
  • Treble Clef- 2016
  • Cloud (4 styles, flat bottoms)- 2016
  • Thought Bubble - 2016
  • Camper (retro style)- 2016
  • Head (thinking gears, side view) - 2016
  • Brain - 2016
  • Flag (flying) - 2016
  • Gryphon - 2015
  • Soup Can (think Andy Warhol) - 2015
  • Running Panther - 2015
  • Tow Truck - 2015
  • "Mad Hatter" Top Hat - 2015
  • 7-point Star/Badge- 2015
  • Woman generic (bathroom door image)- 2015
  • Boxing Glove - 2015
  • Music Horn (trumpet/ flugelhorn) - 2015
  • Flying Superman - 2015
  • Superman Emblem- 2015
  • Crown (2 styles) - 2015
  • Totem Pole - 2014
  • Seahorse - 2014
  • Gorilla - 2014
  • Tree Frog - 2014
  • Music Note - 2014
  • Pig - 2014
  • Chinese Fan (open) - 2014
  • Cowboy Boot - 2014
  • High Heel (fashionable) - 2013
  • Shark Fin - 2013
  • Tiger Head (realistic, with optional life like print image)- 2013
  • Tiger (realistic, with optional life like print image)- 2013
  • Trout (w/ and w/o handle) - 2013
  • Ballet Shoes - 2013
  • Finger pointing (like foam finger) - 2013
  • POW! cartoon-like starburst- 2013
  • Hard Hat - 2013
  • Dom Perignon label - 2013
  • Camel (with optional life like print image) - 2013
  • Oar - Crew style - 2013
  • Eyeglasses (2 styles- Round and Cat-Eyes)- 2013
  • Dancing with the Stars (DWTS)- "official looking red/gold and silver/gold" - 2013
  • Dancing Couple Tango- 2013
  • Pencil - 2013
  • Margarita Glass - 2013
  • Eagle (Landing) - 2013
  • "A Tony Show" vegas-style sign - 2013
  • Balloon - 2013
  • Paint Brush - 2013
  • Ginko Leaf (for wedding fans)- 2013
  • Bunch of Grapes - 2013
  • Kidneymobile (National Kidney Foundation) - 2012
  • Mouse Ears - 2012
  • Gorilla - 2012
  • African Penguin - 2012
  • Acoustic Guitar (also have Gibson) - 2012
  • Trojan Head/ Spartan Head - 2012
  • Gondola (boat) - 2012
  • Ladies Pump - 2012
  • Tennis Ball (w/ image) - 2012
  • Charlie Brown Head (w/image) - 2012
  • Ducks Unlimited, duck head - 2012
  • Pinwheel - 2012
  • Lips - 2012
  • Golf Ball (and on Tee (w/ image) - 2012
  • Hamsa - 2012
  • IPad - 2012
  • Tennis Ball (w/ optional image)- 2012
  • Boys and Girls Club logo- 2011
  • Pink Pony, (Polo brand)- 2011
  • Square, smaller - 2011
  • Lollipop - 2011
  • Tea Cup - 2011
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield - 2011
  • Angel - 2011
  • Bus - 2011
  • Butterfly (several styles)- 2011
  • Champagne Glass/Coupe (Marie Antoinette style)- 2011
  • Chianti Bottle- 2011
  • Boat Oar- new in July 2011
  • Teddy Bear (w/ image behind number)- new in June 2011
  • Gemstone/Jewel- new in June 2011
  • School House- new in March 2011
  • Purse- new in February 2011
  • Oak Leaf- new in February 2011
  • Crab- new in February 2011
  • Lobster - new in February 2011
  • Smaller Heart- new in January 2011
  • Several new squares & rectangles- December 2010
  • Eiffel Tower- new in August 2010
  • Pumpkin- new in August 2010
  • Canadian Maple Leaf- new in July 2010
  • State of Wisconsin - new in July 2010
  • Zebra - new in May 2010
  • Television - new in May 2010
  • Sailboat - new in April 2010
  • Ladies Dress - new in April 2010
  • Fleur De Lis - new in April 2010
  • Tooth - new in April 2010
  • Baseball/Bat combined - new in March 2010
  • United States - new in April 2010
  • Tarpon Fish - new in March 2010
  • Claw Hammer - new in March 2010
  • Film Reel - new in January 2010
  • Old-time Movie Camera- new in January 2010
  • Puzzle Piece - new in January 2010
  • Fedora Hat - new in January 2010
  • Pirate Sword - new in January 2010
  • 3-Leaf Clover - new in Winter 2009
  • Viking Ship - new in Winter 2009
  • Postage Stamp - new in Fall 2009
  • Painter's Palette - new in Summer 2009
  • Red Wine Glass (2 styles)- new Summer 2009
  • 8.5" x 11" paddle (+ handle)- huge 7" high numbers- new Summer 2009
  • Skateboard - new in Summer 2009 (paddle & numbers run vertical on this one)
  • New "95%" oval "permanent" paddle (11" (h) x 8.3" (w) overall, takes 3" numbers, and is 3mm thick) -
    our 3rd permanent shape next to our original 'small oval' and 'square' below).
    This paddle is 95% the size of our regular small oval perm paddle.
  • Susan G. Komen 'Running' Ribbon - new in Spring 2009
  • Ribbon (w/ colors for all causes)- new in Spring 2009
  • State of Texas - new in Spring 2009
  • Cross (for American Red Cross) - new in Spring 2009
  • Oak Tree (southern oak)- new in Spring 2009
  • Tree (generic)- new in Spring 2009
  • Acorn - new in Spring 2009
  • Jet Airplane- new in Spring 2009
  • Airplane (TBM 700 style) - new in Spring 2009
  • Comedy Mask + Tragedy Mask- new in April 2008
  • Ruby Slipper- new in January 2008
  • Megaphone - new in January 2008
  • Square "permanent" paddle (6.5" x 6.5" + handle, our 2nd permanent shape next to the "oval")
    new in December 2007
  • Horse - new in December 2007
  • Hand - new in September 2007
  • Diamond - new in September 2007
  • Dollar Sign ($) - new in September 2007
  • 4-leaf Clover - new in September 2007

Click BELOW for more information:

Paddle Pricing
(file size = 715K)
Paddle Shapes
(partial list)

(file size = 1.3 MB)
Color Plastic Options
(file size = 863K)

Note: Due to recent changes to our method of manufacturing, our pricing has changed slightly and we are in the process of updating this linked pricing sheet. In general, the pricing for more complex shapes will now more accurately reflect our cost of manufacturing.

Note: Not all shapes are included in this pdf. If the shape you are interested in is NOT in this linked file please contact us and we'll be happy to send you an outline of the shape. Hopefully this file will be updated shortly. Also, we can scale any paddle to just about any size, larger or smaller.

Note: These are the different COLORS of PLASTIC (not the colors of ink) we use for our paddles. If you want specific PMS or CYMK colors printed to your paddles, we can easily accomodate this. Full color 1 and 2-sided printing direct to the plastic is what we do!







The sequenced numbers for your paddles can range typically from 1 to 4 digits (eg. paddles numbered 1 thru 9999) and will measure typically between 3.0" and 3.50" in height, though 3.25" is what we try to accomodate when designing our shapes. Letters, text and full color digital graphics and artwork can also be incorporated easily. We've grown our paddle business by offering our customer flexibility, quality, low cost, great service, and exceptional value. We want to give you as many options as possible to help you get just the right set of paddles.

All of our paddles are full 1-piece paddles made from one of several different quality plastics, and all are designed and manufactured at our facility here in Mequon, WI (just outside Milwaukee). Beyond the many options for paddle shapes, we also have flexible options for how you can number your paddles. Originally we used strong self-adhesive vinyl-cut numbers for our paddle numbering (which we also cut ourselves), but several years ago upgraded our production equipment so that we are digitally printing ALL of our products numbers, graphics, and designs. Regardless, our production is uniquely optimized for custom and small run orders. That is, it's very easy for us to mix paddle shapes with different numbering, color selections, and printing options.

We specialize in:

  • "Disposable" Auction Paddles-
  • If you absolutely need the lowest possible cost option in a full auction paddle, then our "Cartonplast® corrugated plastic is a perfect solution. Available in 2mm and 3.5mm thickness, they are light, rigid, have large numbers, and while only available in white plastic, we print full color (CMYK) to produce nearly any color, graphics, or digital affects you need. These are 1-piece paddles- No wood, no sticks, no glue, no staples, no cheap paper fan.... but rather an inexpensive, quality-feeling paddle. These paddles are priced starting at about $2 each and can be ordered in ANY quantity. Black numbers are standard, but you can specify any color number at no extra cost.

    A note about "Cartonplast": Our "Cartonplast" is a Better Bidders exclusive plastic material. We've designed the material to be used as a paddle, and we have this plastic produced to our own specifications; it is our own creation, and you won't find it anywhere else. We position this plastic as 'disposable' (relative to our 'reusable' and 'permanent' plastics) but the fact is most of our customer reuse these less expensive plastic paddles as well; both the 2mm and the 3.5mm thicknesses we make. If your need for paddles needs to be an equal balance of 'low cost' but also 'reusable' please seriously consider the 3.5mm thick version of this plastic. It is very rigid, and as we say, "you'll lose it before you break it"..... The 3.5mm version has about twice the amount of plastic compared to the 2mm and is only slightly more than the 2mm version, so we consider it our best value option. The 2mm is a fine product and isn't floppy at all, but it is made as reasonably inexpensive as we can while still having it look and perform to our standards of quality.


  • "Reusable" Auction Paddles

    If you are looking to invest in reusable paddles of better quality, our most popular reusable auction paddles are cut from more-durable plastics. 3mm (thick) PVC SINTRA® sheet material and make for great paddles. With smooth matte finishes, Sintra® comes in many different colors and clean up nicely using isopropol alcohol. 50% of our customers raising over $50K go with this paddle material because of the quality look and feel.

  • Dress up and spice up your auction and make it a truly memorable event. We guarantee to have shapes to match your event's theme! There are many shapes to choose from, and most of our bid cards and paddles have large 3.25-3.50" numbers, so they're sure to be seen.

    Disposable paper "bid cards" don't stand a chance! Start saving money with professional, fun, reusable, handsome paddles. Check out our .pdf to see some of our sample shapes along with our base pricing.


  • "Permanent" Auction Paddles ---- New "Silver" color added as well as a new 'square' shape, and a new 'smaller' "95% small oval" shape.

    Our newest product offering is a permanent paddle that we have designed to last for years to come. Imagine how much you can save by having these quality paddles available for all of your live auction fundraisers year after year. This paddle is a solid injection-molded high-impact polystyrene paddle, and is nearly indestructible. And if you think these paddles will be expensive, you would be wrong. These paddles are priced resonably and available in any quantity. Blanks are even less. Click here to see a sample of the permanent paddle image. Please contact us if you have any questions about our new offering.

  • Disposable Bid Cards

  • If an inexpensive paper bid card is simply all you need, we offer them as well. We have 7 styles of pre-printed stock bid cards available for quick turnaround and available in several colors and sizes, and all on quality 110# paper card stock. Low minimums as well-We can turn orders around in as little as 1 day from approval of your proof if one is needed.

    If you need a more custom printed paper solution for your bid cards we offer quick 3-day turnaround for custom-printed bid cards. Need some help figuring it all out? Give us a call or click on the links below for more information on pricing and options:

  • Low-cost, durable, bid card handles (for use with paper bid cards)
  • Designed for use with all pre-printed paper stock bid cards (see our large-number format paper bid card, above, for an example), we are also in the process of designing an injection-molded bid card handle. This handle will attach to the bottom of your bid card giving it a handle. Replace the bid card and keep the handle to re-use over and over again. With our handles, you'll be able to keep your rhythm and speed while you improve your auction's efficiency. An extremely affordable 'paddle-like' solution if you MUST use paper but want that paddle.

  • Digital Graphic Event Signage - We have a complete production sign shop within our facility where we produce top-quality digitally-produced signs for events of all types. Using the latest Roland VersaCAMM solvent printers, we produce both indoor and outdoor full-color graphics for use throughout your event. Here are just some of the signage we produce:

    • Banners, Banner stand displays, Retractables
    • Table top signs, displays, and table tents
    • Posters and easel signs
    • 3D Point-of-Purchase "POP" displays and exhibits
    • Vinyl "Ready-to-apply" Lettering & Graphics
    • Custom Labels and Decals
    • Full Color digital graphics
    • Outdoor yard signs and large Site signs

    Using state-of-the-art wide-format digital printers, the Inca Spyder 320 and Oce 350 GT fladbed color printers and our Zund G3 3XL-1600 digital flatbed cutter, we produce stunning color and resolutions up to 1440 x 1440 dpi; the highest in the industry. And because most of our customers are already purchasing auction paddles from us, we offer our digital signage to them at a substantial discount. A successful event and quality signage go hand-in-hand. Ask us for a quote on your signage needs, or give us a number to hit!

  • Auction paddle rentals - Improve your event without a commitment. Just $1.75 per paddle for our best paddle (oval shape) with large black matte printed numbers on both sides. Injection molded from high-impact polystyrene, these paddles feel great in your hand, look superb, and are virtually indestructable. Simply return the paddles within 1 week of your event date. We'll even give you a bit longer if you need it. No deposit is required, and a small cleaning charge (depending on quantity) is added to each order.

  • Paddle replacement- An Everyday BETTER BIDDERS EXCLUSIVE!!! Don't throw away your paddles if you don't want to! Or if some walked off, don't panic! We fill in our customers' missing paddle numbers and do it easily. And because we always price any subsequent missing paddles based upon the CUMULATIVE number of paddles you've purchase from us, you will typically pay the same or LESS for your missing paddles. Better Bidders is the only one to create an affordable way to maintain and extend the life of your paddles and the investment you've made in your fund-raising cause.


    Our new mobile giving platform

    Ready about our Better Giving product and SaaS platform

    Designed especially for our non-profit customers, we've created a new way to bring both more money and more constituents into your fundraising bottom line. We've created a very easy to use way of allowing your donors (as well as friends and family in their social network) to make donations to your cause directly from their smartphone using our special QR-code based system. Bring your organization into the mobile world of easily taking mobile payments at your events and as a part of all your fundraising campaigns. Given the future ubuiqity of mobile smartphones (currently at about 1/2 of the population, and growing), both providing a useful and easy way to patrons to give, and also engaging people to give to your cause is critical.

    When you make it easy for people to give, they give more. It's a fact. Said another way: the easier you make it for someone to give, the more they give.

    Learn more about our new offering at here or email us for more information and demo files.

    Better Bidders Inc.-  Rectangle Sintra PVCOval Sintra PVC materialOval Sintra PVC material Oval Sintra PVC material Cross sections of the primary plastics we use Oval Sintra PVC material

  • We'll have more of our product information, pricing, and pictures up on this site when we finally revamp the site late 2015 (our aplogies for the crappy website!). In the meantime feel free to view a .pdf outlining the basics of what we offer and our pricing. Click here to view the information or click on the links in the left margin above. If you don't have Acrobat Reader you will need it to view our information.

  • Note to MAC users: if you have problems opening or viewing the .pdf files and you know you already have Acrobat reader installed on your computer, try saving the .pdf document onto your hard drive first and then go and open the file using Acrobat reader. If all else fails, give us a call and we'll email you over the info.

    Most issues people have with opening our links relate to having an updated version of Acrobat Reader installed on their machines. Click here to get Acrobat Reader and download it for FREE!

Also, if you require additional information, please Email   or call us toll-free at:

(866) 66-PADDLES
(866) 667-2335

If you would like a free sample package of our products after reviewing our information fill out our sample pack request form.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to bringing More Fun and Higher Bids to your live auction event!

Until we get our new website updated, please visit and like us on Facebook:


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